We protect consumers from harm caused by bad conduct in financial services.

Our strategic objectiveis to make sure relevant markets function well.

We use a wide range of enforcement powers

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We are dedicated to establishing honest, fair, and effective financial markets to ensure consumers receive a fair deal. Our primary focus is on creating an environment where these markets function optimally for individuals, businesses, and the overall economy. By promoting integrity, transparency, and equitable practices, we strive to enhance market efficiency and foster trust among all stakeholders.

We act as the voice of the investor community, seeking a more transparent, efficient and resilient leveraged finance market.


We host regular educational seminars on topics of interest to our members and the wider leveraged finance community through our Seminar Series.


We provide our members with an independent platform to address important issues, to promote industry leadership on critical issues like disclosure on ESG, and to develop regulatory engagement and representation.

We also provide educational resources through our Seminar Series and Academy, opportunities to progress important initiatives through our Committees, and a platform to express thought leadership through our Insights Series.

We distribute weekly summaries of legal and regulatory issues through our Briefings Series, and regularly update the resources provided under our Diligence Series to reflect current and emerging market issues and trends.


Through our Partners, we provide members with expertise and resources from leading covenant, legal, and restructuring advisers. Visit our Partners page to learn more about our work together.